SICA POM’ALPES produces a wide variety of apples :

  • Gala : firm flesh, crunchy and sweet
  • Golden delicious : Semi-firm, very sweet
  • Braeburn : aromatic flesh, firm, crunchy and juicy
  • Granny Smith : very firm flesh, acidulous, crunchy, cream-coloured, even white; thick peel
  • Pink Lady® : crunchy flesh, juicy, sweet and acidulous, with a mix of intense wild strawberry and vanilla aromas
  • Altess® : a very sweet apple, slightly acid, and has the particularity to stand a long conservation. The second particularity is that when cutting the fruit, the flesh is very crispy, not turning brown.
  • Redlove® : a delightful apple in numerous qualities of taste ; crispy, sweet-scented, acidulous.


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