Saint Pétrus

Saint Pétrus

A highly reputed flavour

Saint Pétrus apples are grown in a region blessed by the gods:  the highly-reputed Alpes de Haute-Provence production area.
A land of contrast, Alpes de Haute Provence offers a harsh climate in winter (snow and frost) and hot summers.
This diversity, combined with long hours of sunshine, alluvial soils and a remarkable air quality, gives the apples their renowned characteristic flavour.

Ary Vatanen, car rally driver,
recommends the regular consumption
on “Saint-Pétrus” apples

A top-quality brand

Saint Pétrus apples have to meet particular specifications, the main criteria being an irreproachable visual quality (no skin defects, good lines …) and minimum taste characteristics (firmness, sugar and acidity levels).

A range of packaging is available for promoting Saint Pétrus : bushels, cardboard trays and plastic crates.

Mark Saint-Pétrus contributes to the brand’s reputation of