The orchards

A region with a great reputation

SICA POM’ALPES’ 275 Ha of orchards are located in the highly-reputed Alpes de Haute-Provence production region. A land of contrast, Alpes de Haute Provence offers a harsh climate in winter – snow and frost – and hot summers. This diversity, combined with long hours of sunshine, alluvial soils and a remarkable air quality, gives the apples their renowned characteristic flavour.


Our expertise: an ongoing commitment to protecting the Environment

We are constantly developing our expertise with one single aim : preserving our common asset, the Environment.
This commitment is based on the use of traditional growing techniques combined with innovative technologies in line with the principles of sustainable development1 :

  • New nets against insects :
    These nets have permit to reduce three until four times the use of treatment! The goal is to obtain the same quality without any treatment (or a very low rate) in 10 years.
  • Use of natural techniques to regulate pest populations : sexual trapping2, auxiliary wildlife3, sexual confusion4.
  • Use of organic fertilisers5, to gradually release nutritious minerals ;
  • Reasoned phytosanitary monitoring via interactive software;
  • Protection against bad weather (sprinkling to protect against frost, hail protection nets);
  • Hand-picking when the fruit is ripe;
  • Careful management of water resources via 2 very precise measurement systems: tensiometers on the ground (to measure soil humidity) and sensors on branches and fruit (to measure the tree’s absorption capacity) ;
  • Regular analyses carried out in our laboratory or externally by an accredited organisation. These concern leaves, fruit and soil.