The packhouse

An innovative conservation method

Apples need special conservation conditions to maintain their freshness and taste qualities.
This is why SICA POM’ALPES has opted for Ultra Low controlled atmosphere6 conservation technology, which was awarded the Innovation Prize by EDF for its low energy consumption. All the conservation parameters (CO2 and O2 content, temperature and humidity) are computer-controlled. The Conservation manager is alerted automatically in the event of a malfunction.


Pre-grading : precision, gentleness and flexibility

In 2003, SICA POM’ALPES invested in a highly efficient pre-grading machine7 manufactured by MAF. With its 26 channels and 16 cameras, the MAF Pomone II pre-grading machine has a number of advantages :

  • Precision : 3-dimensional quality sorting and a dynamic weighing system that is insensitive to working conditions ;
  • Gentleness : The apples are released gently to avoid bruising ;
  • Flexibility : Automatic speed management according to the lot being pre-graded

A continuous filtration system for the water in the pre-grading machine means that the water is always clear and free of micro-organisms.


The Packing shop : a Quality commitment

The pre-graded apples are then packed on one of our 2 packing lines.
To ensure the best possible sorting by quality, we have decided to carry out our sorting and packing operations manually. All our handling operations are automated.
At the customer’s request and depending on the varieties we are working with, the apples may be stickered.
A continuous filtration system for the water on the packaging lines means that the water is always clear and free of micro-organisms.


Dispatch: keeping continuity of the cold chain

After packing, the apples are stored in a dispatch cold room at 2°C.
The blowers in the loading bays and the fact that the dispatch platform is kept at an ideal conservation temperature means that we are able to maintain continuity of the cold chain and ensure that our products stay fresh all the way to the customer’s premises.