Food security

A company policy based on Food Safety

SICA POM’ALPES’ philosophy has always been based on Quality and Hygiene. To guarantee and apply these objectives to the best of our ability, SICA POM’ALPES relies on a variety of principles in orchard production and at the packing station :

  • Orchard production
    • Identification and traceability by Plot.
    • The use of reasoned methods (reduced chemical input, preservation of soil fertility, balanced, economical use of water resources …).
    • Respect of the environment.
    • Fruit picked at maturity.
    • Annual multi-residue analyses of apple lots.
  • Station
    • Visual and sanitary checks on products at every stage of production.
    • Traceability upstream8 and traceability swallow9 piece with the parcel.
    • Hygiene standards for employees and premises.
    • Filtration and natural treatment of the water used to transport the apples.
    • Risk analysis at critical points – HACCP10.

The application and monitoring of these principles are validated annually through the award of certificates by an outside organisation (BRC Food Certification11 ; GlobalGap12 and Tesco Natures’s Choice13).