Altess : the origin

Altess is an original French apple created by crossing two specifically chosen varieties: pilote and golden.
It is cultivated by growers who are respectful of both nature and the environment.
For the growing of this apple nothing is left to chance.
The planting areas are chosen according to their geographic situation in order to bring to the Altess its colour, its firmness, its taste and incredible longevity.
The orchards are located at an altitude of between 300m and 600m.
Altess enjoys an optimal traceability.


  • Rich in vitamins A, B and C.
  • A fully perfumed apple.
  • A very balanced taste between sugar and bitterness.
  • An intense yellow colour.
  • A soft skin without defects.
  • An attractive form.
  • Can be stored from September to June.
  • Not prone to oxidisation when cut.
  • It fits into sustainable development through a resistance to scab and russeting (reduction of inputs).

The market

  • Its intense yellow colour is very unusual.
  • It has wonderful eating qualities: sweetness, perfumed, crunchy.
  • It is a very healthy fruit: it has an eatable skin that contains vitamin A and B.
  • Altess is as good cooked as raw.
  • As of today, Altess has been implanted in France. It made a grand intrance on the English, Belgian and Russian markets. The Spanish are already very keen on the variety.
  • It has wonderful eating qualities: sweetness, perfumed, crunchy.