A new one at SICA POM’ALPES : the apple Altess®

The apple Dalitron is from a new generation determined to heckle the hegemony of the Golden Delicious. Born in Angers in the Davodeau-Ligonière nursery, this variety kept all the attention of Mr Thierry Clos while he was in a fair-trade in Loire Valley.

At the very origin the variety DALITRON is a crossing developed by SNC Elaris (Davodeau-Ligonière) in collaboration with the INRA and was registered in 2003. In April 2008 the trademark Altess® is created in partnership with the SICA POM ALPES and the nursery Davodeau-Ligonière. SICA POM ALPES has the exclusivity for the sales in Spain, Holland, Belgium and France.

The colour of the skin is lemony yellow, with a pink blush. It’s a very sweet apple, slightly acid, and has the particularity to stand a long conservation. The second particularity is that when cutting the fruit, the flesh is very crispy, not turning brown, showing a high degree of vitamin C and in anti-oxyder !

Last investments: quality and the performance

A new system last generation of grading cameras has been installed at the pre grading machine.

They analyse in 3D 100% of the area of the fruit, which optimize the quality sorting out. They can sort until 4 qualities and 8 colours !

Since their installation, they help us to select better our products, in order to meet all quality requirements and help the work of the packing employees.

SICA Pom’Alpes was equipped with 2 automatic fillers of cases, with an objective of output of 1400 kg/h per filler ! The guarantee of quality that the new cameras give us enabled us to automate the filling of the cases, while keeping a monitoring by the human eye of each case.

The performance of the line of packing thus is largely increasedand allows us to answer a maximum of orders.